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Product Description

San Diego is a Navy town and Western Hose & Gasket is proud to be a QA certified member of the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association. In Southern California, we have been doing mil-Spec hose & gasket work for the Navy for 35 years. We have the proper L&H insurance and the experience to go onboard for installation & removal, ship checks, and consultations. We comply with all NAVSEA STD Items and all S6430-AE-TED-010 relevant requirements.

Western Hose also supplies industrial tube fittings, tubing, gauges, and instrumentation accessories.

We are extremely honored to be here for all your mil-spec hose & gasket needs in Southern California. Thank you for your service.

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Products for:
Mil-Spec Hose & Fittings- Marine Hose, Gaskets & Accessories

Mil-Spec Hose Rubber
Refueling-at-Sea Marine Fenders
Mil-Spec Steam Fire Hose
Sewage Potable Water
Gaskets Expansion Joints
Quick-Disconnect Garlock 3200
Mil-Spec Rubber

Products for:
Tube Fittings & Instrumentation

Tubing Gauges
Tube Fittings Tubing Clamps

Manufacturers & Links

Aeroquip Garlock
Hydrasearch Parker
Johnson Duramax Straub Pipe Couplings

Services Offered

  • Onboard Services
  • Hose Rebuilding & Re-Certification
  • Technical Support
  • Engineering Drawings - 1st Article Testing
  • Pressure Testing to 10,000 PSI
  • Ship Checks
  • Mil-Spec Spiral wound gaskets
  • Sewage and oily waste hose

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